Our Story
Our Story
Littlejohn utilizes its unique culture and capabilities to make transformative equity and debt investments in a broad range of middle market companies. We complement this effort through our investments in the performing credit of large corporate borrowers.

The Firm is a private equity and special situations investor focused on investing in companies through all economic cycles.  The Firm has a long track record of successfully investing in the middle market where it can help management teams to drive meaningful improvements in strategy, growth, and operations.

Littlejohn has always invested exclusively in middle market companies, which it defines as businesses, with revenues typically between $100M and $800M.  The companies we invest in are all facing the opportunities and challenges of significant change, and we partner with management to transform these businesses.  Our approach includes:

Transforming good companies into great companies
  • Littlejohn has extensive experience in partnering with management teams who are leading companies with solid performance at the time of the transaction. We work with management to drive a step-change in sustainable growth and operating performance through both organic initiatives and strategic acquisitions.

  • Carving out divisions of large corporations
  • Littlejohn has acquired many operating divisions from some of the world's most well-known multinational corporations.  We have deep experience in managing an efficient and confidential acquisition process, negotiating and performing appropriate transition arrangements, and executing the carve-out to minimize disruption for the parent while maximizing the potential of the newly independent business. 

  • Operational and financial restructurings
  • Littlejohn has a unique perspective on companies dealing with financial and operational distress.  We have deep experience dealing with the complicated and often contentious, multi-party financial restructuring process.  Given our experience in building long term value at our companies, however, we focus beyond short-sighted recovery actions in order to rebuild corporate momentum and maximize enterprise value for the benefit of all stakeholders.

  • Rescue financings
  • Littlejohn's primary goal in structured capital transactions is to deliver a solution that provides business owners and management with the liquidity, time, and capital for success.  In these situations, however, Littlejohn looks to bring more to the table than capital.  Our culture and experience in working closely with management teams to drive long-term commercial and operational success differentiates us from many players in structured capital investments.

  • Distressed securities investing
  • Littlejohn takes positions in the securities of stressed and distressed middle market companies.  We do this with an eye toward taking a leadership role in working with management and all other stakeholders to craft a financial solution that provides adequate "runway" for long term strategic recovery and growth.

  • Performing credit investing
  • Littlejohn makes investments in performing debt instruments, principally syndicated leveraged loans of corporate borrowers.  Through active portfolio management, we seek to generate attractive risk adjusted returns through a combination of current income, capital appreciation and preservation of principal.