Building Value
Building Value
Littlejohn builds value by providing transformational capital, resources and expertise to its portfolio companies.

Littlejohn consistently manages its investments with a long-term perspective.  We have a simple belief that the best tactical and strategic decisions will be made based upon what is right for a company based on a long-term view.  Even though we expect our hold period to be four to five years, we operate and invest in our companies as if we will own the company forever.

We are experienced in working through many of the growth and operational challenges faced by middle market companies.  Examples include:

Organic Growth, Greenfield Investment
    • Construction of new facilities, expansion of current facilities
    • Investment in process technologies
    • Investment in new product development, new product introduction
    • Geographic expansion, within the U.S. and internationally
    • Sales force growth and effectiveness
    • Optimization of channel strategy
  • Growth Through Acquisition
    • Acquisitions in new geographies, within the U.S. and internationally
    • Acquisitions focused on expanding product set or market reach
    • Synergistic acquisitions
    • Joint ventures
  • Operational Excellence
    • Lean manufacturing, continuous improvement
    • Plant consolidations
    • Investment in process technologies
    • Global sourcing
    • Information systems
    • Logistics
  • Financial Restructuring
    • Experience in leading both in- and out-of-court restructurings
    • Process focus on maximizing speed and minimizing disruption
    • Target a long term solution to provide a framework for long term success